Mortgage Solutions for Greater Vancouver

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Finding the best mortgage means understanding your unique situation.

Team RRP serves you with many mortgage solutions to ensure that you are truly getting the mortgage you require and qualify for.

First Time Homebuyers

If you are a first-time home buyer, getting advice from a mortgage professional that understands the local market is a great start. Our team specializes in educating you along the way so that you can get off to a great start! Learn more about how Team RRP helps first time homebuyers in Vancouver obtain their first mortgage.

Move Up Homebuyers

When you are ready to sell your home and buy a new one, you should look into your mortgage options. You may keep your current mortgage and blend your existing rate with a lower rate. You might even move to a new lender depending on your situation. If you’re looking to move up, we’ll help you discover your different mortgage options.

Mortgage Refinancing

If you’ve owned your home for years, chances are you’ve been building up some equity. Current mortgage rates are hovering around historic lows, making this a great time to use your mortgage for that home renovation you’ve always dreamed of. Refinancing your mortgage can even help knock down overall costs.

Questions about which mortgage is right for you?

Investment Property Mortgage

Across the country, ordinary Canadians are building personal wealth by purchasing investment properties using investment property mortgages. The investment property market continues to be strong in most markets in Canada, with a steady supply of renters for residential, commercial and retail properties.

Self-Employed Mortgage

We work with self-employed Canadians every day and understand the issues that keep you up at night. Being self-employed can be a tough road to follow. Your dreams for home ownership can be realized with unique solutions that Team RRP has put together to get you approved for a self-employed mortgage.

Recreational Mortgage

Have you been dreaming of living on the lake or relaxing by a cozy fire in your ski chalet? Perhaps you need to expand your family’s horizons with a second property while your children attend university. Make your dreams become a reality with a recreational mortgage. See why recreational mortgages can be a reality.

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Commercial Lending

Each client of ours is uniquely qualified to the niche each lender serves, the product mix to which they are receptive, and what security, interest rates, fees and debt service coverage meet the criteria of those lenders. Team RRP always pairs you with the best lender for your needs, ensuring you the highest possible return on investment.

Construction Financing

When lenders see risk, they demand stronger borrowers and reduce the available financing. This means anyone wanting a builder’s mortgage needs to have more down payment than they would when buying an existing property. We are experts in construction financing and can assist those who want to build their own home or someone else’s.

CHIP Reverse Mortgage

A CHIP Reverse Mortgage is secured by the equity in your home. Unlike a traditional mortgage in which you make regular payments to someone else, reverse mortgages were created to pay you. See why retiring Canadians work with Team RRP to set up and leverage a CHIP reverse mortgage on their home.